News Room - 2001

25th October 2001

Again it has been too long between updates but it has been a busy few months around here. Lots has been going on including a new model, the B-77, a new technique for applying photo realistic artwork to any balloon and expansion of our factory floor space by a further 5000 Square feet to cope with the production of our larger passenger balloons.

While all of the above has been going on, normal production has continued. Several new balloons have now been added to the web page including the new B-77 and the Microsoft Windows XP (E-180) with its inkjet printed logos.

The B-77 is the fourth and smallest of our B Type range. At 77,000 Cu.Ft it is dwarfed by its big brother the B-400 but has lost none of its style in the scaling down. Whether for artwork of just for fun the B-77 has a distinctive yet classic look with smooth lines that are an advertisers dream come true.

Large format inkjet printing has been around for some time but now we can offer it on our entire range of balloons. The advantages of the inkjet artwork are photo realistic results and a huge weight saving over applique or hand painted/airbrushed artwork. The challenge of creating the Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP logos with their fine colour graduations gave us the opportunity to put our tests into practice and we are pleased to say that Microsoft love it!

31st May 2001 - New Balloons

The E-210 has been the flavour of the past two months. Four of the seven new balloons are 210's, one B-350, and two D-77's have also been added.

Two particularly notable additions are the Tetley and SPC balloons for Balloon Sunrise in Melbourne. Both are huge flying art works with six bits of fruit on the SPC balloon and three of the Tetley Tea Folk characters on the Tetley Balloon.

26th March 2001 - New Balloons

Three new balloons have been added including two more B-400's. All can be found on the New Balloons page.

Page Changes Also in this update is a few changes to the New Balloons pages and the Photos pages. If anyone had been having problems with these pages they will be fixed now.

12th January 2001 - Patent Infringement action

Kavanagh Balloons Pty. Limited. of Australia has started Patent Infringement action in the United Kingdom against Cameron Balloons Limited. Download the full press release

EX-65 off to a good start - A successful work out of the new EX-65 in Japan last November. While the radical shape was cause for debate, the 7th in Saga followed by 2nd Place in the final round of the World Grand Prix in Motegi has Sean convinced it is a winner. Look out for one over a target near you!

New Balloons - Five new balloons have been added including two of the new B-350. All can be found on the New Balloons page.

Request for Photos - As many people would have noticed, most of the photos on our new Balloons Pages are taken at our inflation field at the factory. In most cases the lighting is not the best and the angle none to flattering.

If any one out there has a nice photo of their balloon to replace the one (often the only ones) we have, we would love a copy.

Contact us at for details on how best to get photos to us.

News Room - 2000

4th September 2000 - EX-65 to hit the sky

Hot on the heels of the B-350 we have a new model for the sports balloonist. The EX-65 Vertigo has been designed by Sean Kavanagh for use in competition and is a no compromise 20 gore 65,000cu.ft racer. As well as the envelope we have also designed a new light weight basket to go with it.

Flight testing is due to start soon and it will get its first competition work out in Saga, Japan.

The New Balloons page has been updated with all the latest balloons including the B-350 and EX-65

1st June 2000 - More page updates

More updates and changes to these pages have been done. The most major thing some people may notice is that for best viewing this web site now requires at least a version 4.0 browser with Javascript enabled.

If you are using an older browser, it really is worth upgrading...

The New Balloons page has been overhauled and if the format is successful all photo archives will be changed over. If you see any problems feel free to drop us a line at

30th May 2000 - Another B Type

Yet another B type is on the way. The B-350 is about to under go flight testing and certification. This makes it 3 models in the 24 gore, B type range : B-105,B-350 and B-400

10 new balloons have now been added. One C-77, one D-84, one D-90, three E-120's, two E-180's, one E-300 and a B-400. All can be found on the New Balloons page.

Web site overhaul: Bit by bit you will see some changes to this site. If you see any problems feel free to drop us a line at