News Room - 1999

14th December 1999 - NEW BALLOONS..

The photos of VH-SPY and VH-PAQ have been added as well as a new C-65 for Japan.

8th December 1999 - Long time no news....

As anyone who has visited this site recently would have noticed it has been a long time between recent updates and in particular the new balloons. Well we are pleased to say that we have dusted off the prints and now have a total of 9 new balloons added to the New Balloons page.

Included in here are a new model, the B-105 a 24 gore balloon developed for the Australian Defence Force who wanted a very flat surface for some very detailed artwork

11th November 1999 - Not so small world

It was not so long ago that the first B-400 went into service and now number three has taken to the skies in a blaze of colour. Wanting to add another interesting design to the fleet, Hot Air in Cairns opted for a B-400 with a map of the world in striking golden yellow and blue. Follow the link above to see the photos of our largest canvas yet.

19th August 1999 - 1999 World Championships

From August 28th the World Hot Air Ballooning Championships will kick off in Bad Waltersdorf, Austria.

Three Pilots are representing Australia - Paul Gibbs, Sean Kavanagh and Danny Galbraith. Follow the link to the official web page for the event to see how the Australian Team are going.

20th May 1999 - NEW BALLOONS..

Five new balloons have been added to the pages with two E-300's,
an E-260, D-84 and a D-77

30th March 1999 - Site overhaul

Well folks, it was that time again. A new look Kavanagh Balloons Web Site.

News Room - 1998

30th December 1998 - NEW BALLOONS..

Four new balloons have been added. Hot on the heels of the B-400, Raging Thunder have added another two balloons they are an E-120 and E-300.

Peregrine in the Yarra Valley has a new E-300 and Balloon Sunrise of Melbourne have taken delivery of a new E-210 "Pura Light Start balloon" for their city operation.

7th October 1998 - NEW BALLOONS..

Three new balloons have been added. An E-210 for Steve Griffin of Fly me to the Moon in Brisbane, an E-140 for Paul Bevitt of Hunter Valley Hot Air Ballooning and the B-400 as talked about below.

9th September 1998 - B-400 Test Flight

Canowindra turned on a perfect morning on Wednesday for the test flight of the new B-400. 23 lucky passengers (13 of them pilots!) and a lot of sand were on board for the occasion.

The Facts:
Registration : VH OFB
Serial No: KB195
34 metres from bottom basket to top of envelope
28 metres diameter
Basket 4.3 x 1.5 double tee

Photos: Danny Galbraith

Photo: Suze McKenzie

3rd August 1998 - NEW BALLOONS..

Three new balloons have been added. An E-210 for Balloon Sunrise in Melbourne, an E-180 for Dawn Drifters in Canberra and a D-77 for Graeme Drummond & Gary Pask of Victoria.

18th April 1998 - NEW BALLOONS..

Two new balloons have been added. A D-105 for James Carr of Higher than a Kite Ballooning in the Hunter Valley and an E-120 for Jenny Houghton of Balloon Flights Victoria.

26th March 1998 - NEW BALLOONS..

The new balloons have now been added, long over due for an update but finally done. In the list is the latest of the Britannica CD fleet. This D-77 is the third of the flying canvases for Encyclopaedia Britannica Australia.