Your designs start here

Download our colour chart and design blanks from this page. 


Rough out your ideas electronically or with pencils and crayons.


Hand it over to our artists to wrap it all onto a 3D model for rendering and approval.


Colour Chart

A sample of our standard cloth colours and their approximate RGB and Pantone colours can be downloaded for help in your design work.

Artwork formats

Our team can work with just about any file format but for the best and fastest results we have a few favourites.


Vector artwork

These files give us the most flexibility and are our favourite to work with.

Adobe Illustrator or EPS:   Any version.  Where possible all fonts should be converted to outlines or the fonts supplied.

PDF: Often artwork may be in vector format already so this can work well.  PDF files should be unlocked / not password protected.

Bitmap files

JPEG, PNF, TIFF files all need to be at the highest resolution you have.  For design visuals 1000px wide or high is a good starting point.


The best artwork is the one you have ready to email so send us what you have.  If we can make it work we will.


Style guides

Most brands will have a style guide so be sure to ask for it in meetings.   


A style guide will greatly help our team ensure that any artwork we create meets brand guidelines first time.

Design Blanks

Check back soon!