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Crossfire One

All the power, none of the weight

A new generation of single burner is here.

Get the power and reliability of the original Crossfire burner with next generation updates and all packaged into an easy to use, lightweight single burner. 

Only 16.4kg in the standard load frame with 2.4m hoses the Crossfire One is perfect up to 120,000 cu.ft balloons .

Crossfire One: Products

Safety first

The Crossfire One has been designed to be reliable and a viable replacement for a double burner in most sports balloons.

Redundancy is key with duplicated systems throughout.

  • Two fuel supplies

  • Two pressure gauges

  • Two pilot light filter systems

  • Two pilot lights

  • Two liquid fires

  • Two main valves


All of these components are packed into a compact 6061 aluminium mono block with ergonomic and obvious controls.

Either of the main valves will feed fuel to the proven Crossfire two stage quad coil unit. 


For maximum power both liquid fires can be activated with the main burner.

Crossfire One: Imprint

Pick a colour

Make it your own

Your Crossfire One is as individual as you are. 

Pick a colour that matches your balloon or personality.  Custom colours are also available with consultation and some extra lead time.

Aircraft quality cosmetic anodising of the 6061 parts will make your burner stand out from the crowd.

All valve controls will use our standard colours.

  • Pilot lights – Gold

  • Main burner – Red

  • Liquid fire - Blue

Crossfire One: Imprint
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