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Flight Manual
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Maintenance manual
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Service Bulletins
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Technical support mailing list

Subscribers will receive emails about updates to technical documents, service bulletins or maintenance courses. 


No spam, no marketing just critical technical information if and when it is needed.

Flight Manual
Flight Manual

The Kavanagh Balloons flight manual is a single document covering all models.

Downloads are available as a double sided perfect bound document (Booklet).

The perfect bound version is required for folding into the same A5 format which comes with the balloon as standard.

Printing set up is colour, landscape, double sided and flip on short edge.

A single page flat version of the flight manual is also available here for easy electronic reading. The page size is still A5 so will require scaling if you wish to print from this version.

Bound and colour printed copies are available in the store.

NOTE: R6 of the AFM is dated January 2023 but was approved and released 21st March 2023.

Flight Manual Supplements

The following flight manual supplements are available for download.  Where the FMS relates to an STC or Engineering order please contact for information and permissions to apply the modification.

FMS 9.2

Oct 2008

FMS 9.3

Oct 2019

Maintenance Manual

The Kavanagh Balloons Maintenance Manual covers all models in our product range.


The parts catalogue is also contained in the Maintenance Manual

Bound and colour printed copies are available in the store.

Maintenance Manual
Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins cover special maintenance, inspection requirements or modifications that owners/operators and maintenance authority holders need to carry out.

Service bulletins may be upgraded to the status of an Airworthiness Directive by CASA or other airworthiness organisations and where issues by Kavanagh Balloons will be approved by CASA.

Normally, if your equipment is affected by a service bulletin, you will be contacted by Kavanagh Balloons or your local Airworthiness Authority where an AD is raised.


Our technical staff are available to assist with any questions you may have.

Where the Service Bulletin Status is given as ‘Complete’, no action is required.

Service Bulletins
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