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Every Kavanagh envelope is crafted from the finest materials to ensure a long a trouble free life.

Attention to detail can be found in every component and option making your balloon a pleasure to fly.

Standard features

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Designed with detail, engineered to last

Included as standard in our envelopes are the best and most appropriate deflation system available, rotation vents on all balloons over 120,000 cu.ft and extra high strength K27 cloth in the top of all passenger balloons.


Three main types of fabric are used in the construction of our envelopes.

High quality nomex is used for the scoop and first panel on all models. Panel 1 is a full 1.45m high to provide the maximum protection.

Extra nomex is an optional extra in panel 2 or 3 if required.

Standard fabric is our Duralife ripstop cloth. This is a PU coated ripstop with excellent resistance to UV and heat degradation.

K27 cloth is used in the top of all of our balloons for extra strength and durability. As standard the vent and top panel use K27 and on ride balloons over 120,000 Cu.Ft more K27 is included as standard.

All seams are double stitched folded seams with external vertical load tapes and internal horizontal load tapes.

Deflation Systems Kavanagh Balloons is the world leader in deflation system design. We currently offer both the Smart Vent for balloons up to 105,000 Cu.Ft and Lite Vent for larger balloons.

A variation on the Lite Vent is also used in our EX Type racer envelopes for maximum safety in these performance balloons.

For more information on these remarkable systems which have changed the way people fly, go to the Lite Vent page.

Rotation Vents

Rotation Vents are used in flight to orientate the balloon.

This may be used during landing or simply to point the basket or logo in a particular direction.

Rotation vents are standard on all balloons over 120,000 Cubic Feet in volume and are are offered as an option on all smaller balloons.

Colour Schemes and Artwork

If you can dream it, we can build it.

No extra charge is made for individual colour schemes within normal panel construction and using any of our standard cloth colours.

Due to the variation of complexity in artwork jobs, artwork is quoted on an individual basis.

Application methods include overlay with balloon cloth, inlay of balloon cloth, hand painting/airbrushing and digital printing.

Once we have received your proposed artwork we will determine the most appropriate method at the time of quoting.

Envelope Design

Currently we have 7 model types and a total of 28 models on offer. Sizes range from 56,000 cubic feet to 525,000 cubic feet.

Each model is described by the number of vertical segments in the balloon. these are referred to as gores.

Each gore is made up of tailored panels which give the balloon its signature shape.

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