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Fuel tanks

Kavanagh Balloons has its own range of Australian manufactured stainless steel fuel tanks that comply with AS2030.

All tanks are supplied with the following fittings as standard:

  • Contents gauge - 30% to empty

  • Fixed liquid level gauge

  • Quick Shut Off liquid valve with rego connector

  • Hand wheel vapour valve with integral PRV

  • Automatic Fill Limiter

  • Padded Cordura jacket

Quick Shut off Valves are standard for all liquid withdrawal taps. The 90 degree action ball valve allows for quick shut down and clear indication of the valve position.

Tank covers with foam padding are available in a range of colours.  The covers have a built in map pocket.

Slave Tanks are liquid withdrawal only and have a POL plug fitted to the vapour valve.

​Master tanks are supplied with a regulator and self sealing outlet fitted to the vapour valve for use with vapour pilot lights.

Automatic fill limiters may not be available on fuel tanks exported to countries other than New Zealand so call to discuss your required configuration.

Fuel tanks: Product
Fuel tank models



Empty weight

Full weight



44.0 L

20.0 Kg

42.0 Kg

Out of Prod.


48.0 L

21.0 Kg

46.0 Kg



59.5 L

22.5 Kg

53.0 Kg



64.6 L

23.5 Kg

56.5 Kg


Testing and Inspections

Kavanagh Balloons is an approved tank test station and is able to carry out the 10 year inspection on our full range of fuel cylinders.

The advantages of having your tanks tested with us include a full CASA approved release certificate and log book entry covering all work carried out. We also stock a full range of spares so we can get your tanks back to you with the minimum of delay.

All spares are fully traceable and because we are the manufacturer, you know you are getting the correct parts, installed exactly as they should be.

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